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"Find more business... Create more opportunity... Have more fun!"

Over 75 Proven and Effective Secrets for Market Mastery Revealed! 

"One hour was too short.. I want more time for Curt's keynote!"

Hire Curt if you want to stand out, be noticed and succeed!
Success in Business (and in Life) requires the mastery of two things...  Knowledge and Attitude.  In Curt's keynote he provides a perfect blend "know how" and "know why" to get everyone thinking and acting with more purpose and passion.  He was the person who was supposed to go nowhere but ultimately he went everywhere.  You will be captured by his stories and moved by the challenges he sets forth for you.  

Curt delivers 150 pages in take home value for free!
Curt Skene Motivational Speaker Free Sales Marketing Work BookAfter Curt's keynote every attendee receives an electronic copy of Curt's 150 page workbook that they can immediately apply to their business and life.  Chock full of his powerful insights, creativity tips and his amazing mind laws your attendees will be ready to fire on all cylinders.  

Why are more audiences choosing Curt's keynote to kick off their programs?
Curt's keynote is simple, memorable, entertaining and refreshing.  His five insights are packaged in a "highly interactive wild ride" that has everyone laughing, learning and actively taking notes.  His wisdom is captivating, his stories unbelievable and his sense of humour infectious.  He is a powerful mix of wisdom, wit and emotional intelligence.    

Curt delivers a powerful keynote your audience will always remember!
Experience what happens when you combine 25 years of entrepreneurial excellence with 15 years of leading edge hypnotic training to weave a message of sales, service and personal integrity and deliver it in a fun, fresh and exciting way.  This is a guaranteed winner for your conference.

Curt delivers what audiences really want!
Audiences want to laugh and learn.  They want to be actively writing down new ideas in between fits of laughter.  Audiences want to be captivated and escape their day to day thinking as they generate new hope for their future.  Curt uses his powerful real world experience (not re-generated text book examples), mind magic and his inspiring story telling abilities to keep everyone riveted to their seats.    

Curt delivers award winning expertise!
Curt has twice been recognized worldwide for his entrepreneurial initiatives.  At Microsoft he was voted best in the world as he took his business from $800K to over $35M.  At ExecuTrain he lead his team to four worldwide awards in sales and business growth.  With over 25 years of senior management experience Curt has the expertise, the passion and enthusiasm to help your attendees discover their competitive spirit and winning edge.

Curt delivers Over 75 rapid fire insights!
In just 90 minutes Curt's keynote takes you on a rapid fire journey that is full of real world, street tested business smarts.  Do you need to motivate your team so they are more enthused and energized?  Do you need powerful ideas that will help grow your business by attracting more opportunity?  Do you need to reinforce the key customer service values that keeps profitable business coming back to you?  Curt delivers the answers.

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Curt Skene, 900 Boyer Blvd, Mississauga, ON, L5V 1X3, Tel: (905) 814-1776 curt@aahhah.com 

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