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Curt Skene

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Simple thinking changes lives.
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Those who hire Curt want an authentic keynote that inspires, entertains and resonates!

As a four-time World-wide award winner (Microsoft and ExecuTrain) I have been fortunate to find success and build success throughout my career.  If you add to that my certification in hypnosis and neuro-linguistic  programming (NLP) you will soon understand that not only do I understand business, but also the science behind success.

Keynote Speaker

Sales Trainer

Career Coach

In the last 10+ years Curt has delivered hundreds of keynotes on how to Master The MarketPlace.  This session contains over 75 rapid-fire insights that helps your audience find more business, create more opportunity and have more fun!


His typical keynote is 60 to 120 minutes.

For over 10 years Curt has partnered with Effectivation in delivering their consultative sales training program.  This highly interactive 2-day sales training program offers business professionals a chance to learn and develop the key skills to landing more business.

Joined Microsoft as Training & Certification Manager. Had a wildly successful sales career. Grew revenues from 800K to over $36M in five years.

Best Selling Author


Stage Hypnotist

Curt is the best selling author of In2Win!, the first "smart book" on career search.  Filled with over 50 Insights, this easy to read book has proven to be popular with both the working and unemployed professional.  There truly is something for everyone contained within.

Curt is proud to be the founder of the Career Network Club.  You can consider CNC as LinkedIn on steroids offering hundreds of ways to search and partner with those in the CNC networking database.


Through CNC, Curt is proud host "Your Best 5 Bucks", a simple way for network members to give back to the world.

The stage hypnosis demonstrations Curt offers is an add-on to his business keynote.  This demonstration is fun, interesting and It offers your audience a chance to truly understand the power of the mind and the potential it holds.


A typical hypnosis demonstration is 60 minutes.

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As a Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer and Career Coach I believe that simplicity matters.  If people can't understand your message, they can't implement it or believe it. Therefore change can't and won't happen.

So, my commitment to you is that what I share will be simple, actionable and replicable.  Thanks for being here and getting to know me a little better.

Curt Skene

Author of In2Win

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